Radio Noise Project An experiment

Server Reorg Part 2

Last time I had the following setup:

  • $5/mo Linode VPS for a mail server that also has Prosody for XMPP (1 CPU/1 GB RAM/25 GB SSD)
  • CPX11 Hetzner €3.99/mo VPS for Foundkey (a Misskey fork) (2 CPU/2 GB RAM/40 GB SSD)
  • $8/mo OVH VPS that posts this blog as well as a Gitea and Woodpecker CI instance (1 CPU/2 GB RAM/40 GB SSD)

Today, I’ve now replaced the OVH VPS with another Hetzner CPX11, this time running CentOS Stream 9.

Why CentOS? Kinda felt like it and I’m kinda liking Red Hat-based distros more these days. (I’m running Fedora 36 on my desktop for a few months now and previously ran 35 for a while)

The mail server still is on Linode for now since I’ve not really mustered up the courage to set things up again.

Future plans

I’m not sure right now. I’ll probably try learning how LXC works and whatnot and see if a larger combined VPS with everything inside would work out better for me.

For now, everything’s in separate VMs as it was before. At least it’ll be a bit cheaper going forward.