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Server Reorg Part 1

My current server situation is a huge mess at the moment. As a result of various experimentation of various self-hosted stuff, my current collection of servers is:

  • $5/mo Linode VPS for a mail server that also has Prosody for XMPP (1 CPU/1 GB RAM/25 GB SSD)
  • CPX11 Hetzner €3.99/mo VPS for Foundkey (a Misskey fork) (2 CPU/2 GB RAM/40 GB SSD)
  • $8/mo OVH VPS that posts this blog as well as a Gitea and Woodpecker CI instance (1 CPU/2 GB RAM/40 GB SSD)

Having servers on three separate providers with different pricing structures is… not ideal.

So what sort of ideas do I have to tackle this?

Consolidate on Hetzner

Hetzner being the cheapest option of the three providers I currently use seems like an attractive option to host all of my stuff.

Main issue is that I’m not that comfortable with the idea of having everything hosted by the same company as it means all of my stuff is subject to any network outages, hardware failures, account suspensions, etc. affecting that one provider. Hetzner hasn’t let me down personally so far, but it’s still something I still kinda fear.

There is also the issue of whether to use separate VPSes or just have everything on a single dedicated server. Hetzner does have cheap servers via their server auction program, where their older (but still useful) servers are provided for bargain prices. As of writing, they have a €28.70/mo server that has a Core i7-6700 with 2x512 GB SSDs and 32 GB of RAM.

Moving the mail server

I think at this point Linode is by far the most expensive provider here and them being acquired by Akamai a few months back has me seriosuly considering a move. They have not done anything too fishy so far like raising prices, but it may just be a matter of time.

Hetzner does seem to be a bit of a gamble when it comes to getting an IP that isn’t on some random spam blocklist, but it does seem to be getting better over time as I think new accounts have to get SMTP unblocked by support (which cuts down on the spam from their network).

As for OVH, I have no idea so far, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they also have a requirement to contact support to unblock port 25.


My indecisivenes is getting in the way as always, but hopefully I should be able to tackle this mess sooner or later.