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Don't Blindly Optimize Postgres

I just recently reverted my postgresql.conf on my Misskey instance back to the default settings (or rather I copied a stock version of that file from another Debian install).

For about a month I was using a config based on the ones generated from PgTune for my server (2 GB RAM, SSD, 2 cores). However I ran into performance problems, specifically searching stuff kept timing out.

Once I reverted to the stock configuration, searches worked like they used to.

To be fair to PgTune, they do say this in the “How it works” section:

It isn’t a silver bullet for the optimization settings of PostgreSQL. Many settings depend not only on the hardware configuration, but also on the size of the database, the number of clients and the complexity of queries. An optimal configuration of the database can only be made given all these parameters are taken into account.

The main issue is that I had absolutely no idea what those settings really affected and how changes in their values would actually affect performance. I didn’t properly analyze how my database was used and all other sorts of factors.

Until I am able to properly do that sort of research, I think I’ll just stick to stock. The defaults work well enough and that is what really matters.